Indoor Practice

Having a dedicated, indoor practice space is a critical component of every team’s development plan. At Level Up Athletics, we have created a customizable venue for you to create an ideal experience. With four full-length batting cages, your team can simulate live batting practice or pitching sessions. Interested in defensive drills, great, our automated net system allows you to easily pull back the nets to have access to full-length practice space.

Our indoor training practice is also capable of supporting wrestling practice with access to our high-quality wrestling mats, as well as the option to run small group soccer or football coaching sessions.

Potential Use Options:

  • Batting Practice
  • Pitching Practice
  • Fielding Practice
  • Wrestling Practice
  • Soccer Practice (Small Group)
  • Football Practice (Small Group)
  • Strength & Agility Training

Our team is here to provide the indoor space to help your team develop, improve and Level Up. Contact us today to learn more about our indoor practice availability